Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Lord Jesus is With Us even in the Prison Experiences of Life; Genesis 40

Reader! mark this down in the memorandums of your life, that whether in a prison or a palace, the faithful have God for their portion.

And what a sweet thought is it, that, as no walls can confine the souls of God's people, so
neither can bolts or bars shut the Lord out.

If you are the Lord's prisoner, this is preferable to being the world's freeman.

And when we recollect how precious the enjoyments some have found in those seasons, very evident it is that the Comforter is with them, and that to bless them.

But even here in Joseph's history let me not lose sight of the Lord Jesus,
who was taken from prison and from judgment, and who shall declare His generation? (Isaiah 53:8).

Blessed Lord! let me never forget
the afflictions of my spiritual and almighty Joseph, nor the cause of them; but in all events of life as well properous as distressing, cease not to remember Thee!

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